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We assisted the team at Leadsun to optimise their new website copy for SEO purposes, integrating recommended keywords in collaboration with an SEO expert that we engaged for the project.

Through strategic editing and polishing of the content and key observations and recommendations, we ensured the quality of the writing had maximum impact to drive sales. We ensured the writing was precise, professional and reflective of Leadsun’s excellent brand, team and technologically innovative, high-quality range of solar street lighting products which are a fantastic option for local governments to maximise the use of their public assets.

Check out the website here.

What the client said

“True to form, I first connected with Louise from Hummingbird from a very informative and witty piece of writing she posted on LinkedIn.  This clever piece of writing hooked me into read more and inspired me to reach out to see if she could help my business with a new website and branding redesign.  As our business is literally creating a new niche market that is disrupting the status quo, how we communicate to the market really matters.  In a very short amount of time, Louise not only cleaned up and made our content read exceptionally well, but provided more measured and impactful content to help us with our branding.  I would thoroughly recommend Hummingbird for any business that values high quality writing to keep their brand, on-brand!”


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June 4, 2020

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