We apply editing and writing expertise to ensure your document hits the nail on the head with its audience.

Some of the things we do:

  • review important documents going out to stakeholders, fixing any major issues and suggesting improvements
  • edit reports to ensure they’re well structured and communicate clearly and eloquently to the audience
  • edit to ensure consistency of style and language in documents written by multiple contributors
  • apply Plain English principles to make technical content accessible to non-expert audiences
  • check to ensure your document adheres to corporate or government style guidelines
  • fix common issues like vagueness, ambiguity, wordiness and confusing expression
  • make sure the document reads well and flows logically for the reader

Our focus is taking what you have written as the experts, and ensuring the key messages translate for nonexpert stakeholders.

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What we offer

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We check your document to ensure there are no spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, and that acronyms and key terms are consistent.
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Good writing is good editing. A higher-level service than proofreading, editing looks at improving the overall written style  and quality of your document. We may suggest breaking up text with subheadings, organising sections into bullet points to improve readability or reordering sections to improve logical flow. We may also suggest improvements to grammar and expression to ensure text is concise, precise, readable and effective.
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You might have a bullet point list of things you want to say, but not the time nor internal resources to write it. Or, you might need something written from scratch, such as a manual, case study, advertisement or website copy.
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