How can professional writing add value to your project?

There are multiple benefits to involving a professional writer in your project who knows about the reader experience, and can make the right word choices to ensure the message is clear.

Take technical instructional writing, for example.

Have you ever read a process and not been able to work out what it’s actually asking you to do? Or reached step 5. in the process and noticed a different term for a tool is suddenly being used, and you have to stop and work out if that is in fact the same tool or something different? And if it is something different, do you now have to stop what you’re doing and go find the tool? Does that leave you frustrated and wondering why the required tools weren’t listed at the beginning? Worst of all, could unclear instructions lead to dangerous errors?

A good technical writer consciously arranges the text and chooses certain words and grammatical structures to avoid the above. They can make the final written procedure look deceptively effortless, but making something look effortless actually involves a lot of skill. And that becomes clear the moment someone actually has to read and follow that procedure.

Do you already have a written document you want polished or improved? We recommend editing.

Trust and confidence in your organisation

How you write anything can mean the difference between your client’s absolute confidence in what needs to be done, or frustration and confusion (which could lead to strain on your resources to help explain things to them). It can also mean the difference between a positive and negative impression of your organisation.

A professional writer is trained in how to write unambiguously and with an appropriate tone. To write in a way that makes it as quick and easy as possible for the reader to find the information they need, and leaves them with a positive impression of your organisation.

What documents can we write?

We write a variety of professional documents and marketing materials. These include:

  • Electronic direct marketing, or EDMs (for example, a monthly email newsletter to keep your organisation front of mind for your clients)
  • Operations manuals, often taking various documents that exist in different states and synthesising them into one central, well-written master document
  • LinkedIn articles
  • Annual reports
  • Website copy
  • Case studies
  • Blog posts

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