What is editing?

Editing is about improving a document’s overall style, flow and readability. It’s about making tweaks to boost the quality and impact of the writing, which influences how a reader will react to it.

Like proofreaders, editors will also correct any errors. However, they’ll also look at bigger picture things to improve the effectiveness and power of the document overall.

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If you’re looking for your document just to be checked to ensure there are no errors or typos, see proofreading.

What problems will editing help solve?

You might know how you want your document to read, but you have a feeling it’s not quite there yet. Maybe the main ideas could be better highlighted or articulated. They could tell a better story.

You might have also noticed inconsistencies in the written style, given that different people might have contributed to it – some better writers than others. There might be an internal style guide you have to follow, but you’re not sure if you’ve used active rather than passive verbs, and if the brand voice and tone is right. Perhaps you’re not sure the ideas flow logically.

In short, you know the piece needs work, but you might not be sure where to start or whether you have the internal resources with the right skills for this important job. You might also prefer to use your or your staff’s billable hours on client projects rather than editing a document you’ve already spent so long putting together.

What are the benefits of professional editing?

There are many. Think about your own reading experiences at work.

How does it make you feel about an organisation when you read something they’ve written that’s precise and persuasive, in contrast with one that feels like hard work to read?

Do you nod along thinking ‘Yes’ as you’re guided clearly through their logic and ideas, or does the clunky writing mean it’s hard to understand the point being made? What subconscious impression does that give you of the organisation’s trustworthiness, competency and credibility? Does it give you confidence or doubt? Does it make you frustrated?

When we edit your document, these are the things we’re thinking about. We are working ensure your document gives the reader no reason to doubt you, and instead inspires trust and confidence.

Some specific benefits

  • Ensuring technical content is made clear for a broader external audience (it’s sometimes hard as experts in a field to step away from a place of knowing exactly what we’re talking about to ensuring others do too)
  • Ensuring there’s a consistent, professional and on-brand written style – this might be especially crucial if your document was written by several authors
  • Increasing the overall readability of your report, to improve the likelihood it’ll be read, praised and shared
  • Increasing the persuasive power of the reports you’ve put so much time and work into
  • Improving your reputation as thought leaders in your field
  • Increasing your report’s reach and influence
  • Inspiring clients to engage you

Need a document edited? Contact us.

If you’d like an idea of price first, use our cost estimator.